October 07, 2022

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Top 10 stories we loved at CommunityLIVE 2022

One of the best parts of CommunityLIVE is hearing about how members of the Hyland community are improving their work lives. It’s why we do what we do — to ensure the organizations we work with can achieve their full potential.

Drew Chapin

Hyland's chief marketing officer

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At CommunityLIVE 2022, we heard about some of the best ways we all — Hyland employees and our customers and partners — are innovating for faster processes, easier communication, happier colleagues and better experiences for the people who rely on them.

Reporting from Nashville: 10 moments we loved from CommunityLIVE 2022

Read on for some examples of how our organizations are working together to listen, learn and digitally evolve.

1. Open source for the win

A famous developer of open source software for enterprise IT has been unlocking the potential of its Alfresco platform since 2008.

Its Document Management and Collaboration team has created more than a dozen solutions impacting virtually every business unit, including:

  • An R&D tax credit repository for the Product Development team
  • A technical response portal for the Pre-Sales team
  • A project setup solution for the Post-Sales team
  • An employment policy library for the Operations team

2. Bank capitalizes on new technology and opportunities

Hyland works with a bank that has steadily unlocked its platform’s potential since 2018. After starting with a cloud-hosted, scan-store-retrieve solution, it integrated OnBase, Hyland’s content services platform, with its Jack Henry banking system.

In 2020, the bank empowered its suddenly remote workforce with a fully paperless lending process.

Most recently, it rolled out Hyland’s low-code WorkView application for credit file review and treasury management onboarding — and started using Advanced Capture in the mortgage lending process. As part of its effort to continuously find new ways to maximize its investment, the bank avidly participates in the Financial Services VOGUE group, actively engages on Hyland Community and regularly attends virtual training in Hyland University.


3. Expanding customer support

Speaking of Hyland University — this is Hyland’s digital resource, available to help customers effectively explore, learn, practice and evolve to support professional and organizational needs.

The platform was reimagined and relaunched earlier this year to consolidate training resources for Hyland’s entire product and solution portfolio. In response to user feedback, the site also features improved search and organizational capabilities, new course outlines, and e-learning that is accessible and responsive from any device, among many other features.

4. Platform agility — but make it fashion

A leading fashion company, known for some truly iconic brands and with 6,000 retail locations in 40 countries, has been an OnBase user since 2018. Its head of content and experience management spoke to Hyland’s Ed McQuiston about replacing 17 DAMs with Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform, taking the concept-to-marketing lifecycle to a single platform that meets the needs of each brand.

5. Dating app unifies technology ecosystem

The business behind a pioneering online dating app had a sprawling technology ecosystem: 18+ financial systems across three global sites didn’t integrate and required manual downloads and uploads — one system was even from the 1970s.

Looking to modernize, the organization brought in Workday as its ERP, and the team unanimously selected OnBase, a Workday Select Partner, to connect its line-of-business apps. Deploying OnBase and Brainware, Hyland’s intelligent capture platform, was “by far the easiest project of my entire career,” our guest speaker told Ed McQuiston.

Now with an enriched ecosystem of streamlined data flow — and working integrations — the dating app’s modernized tech stack is unified through OnBase and supports eight languages and 3,000 employees across 23 countries.


6. Collaboration activation

Hyland is continuously working to help customers break down silos and better share information. We are also breaking down our own functional silos to communicate with customers more effectively and to work alongside them more quickly and dynamically.

Teams across our Product and Commercial organizations are collaborating to enhance upgrade processes. We are investing in the Hyland Cloud through expanded work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), including increasing our infrastructure and adding Hyland’s OnBase and Alfresco Digital Business Platform to the AWS Marketplace.

7. Upgrades are easier than ever

We all know how important upgrades are to increase security and performance, gain access to new capabilities and user experiences, and ensure continued compatibility with third-party applications. And for organizations with on-premises solutions, upgrading to the latest version allows for a smoother transition to the cloud.

Case in point: A healthcare customer that serves patients across West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia recently upgraded its Perceptive Content platform, Hyland’s content and process management suite, by working with Hyland’s Services team to map out the prerequisites and execute parts of the process. The healthcare organization shared tips with the crowd at CommunityLIVE this year for overcoming some common upgrade challenges.

8. Academia in the cloud

The drivers behind one university’s journey to the cloud included increasing storage capacity, eliminating server management and more quickly adding new functionality. This university discussed how moving to the cloud helped reduce its IT maintenance and support costs while ensuring high performance, availability and security.

9. Process automation changes financial outlooks in Africa

A microinsurance provider serving 17 million people across Africa built its entire business model on Hyland’s cloud-native applications. Its use of Hyland’s Alfresco Process Automation platform plays a key role in hyperautomating a uniquely challenging claims scenario that is essential to making its whole business model work.

10. Bringing healthcare home

Another Hyland healthcare customer integrated its NilRead medical imaging solution with its electronic medical records (EMR) system, enabling patients to easily access medical images via Epic’s MyChart patient portal.

The feature is particularly popular with expectant parents, who now have an easy way to share ultrasound images with friends and family.

CommunityLIVE 2022 in Nashville is a wrap. What next?

There’s so much to say about the Hyland roadmap. We’re leveraging our open-source, cloud-native technology, and we’re combining the platform capabilities of Hyland’s Alfresco and Nuxeo platform products with the rich feature sets of OnBase, Perceptive Content and other products in our portfolio. The future is exciting, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you!

Learn more about the insights and collaboration coming out of CommunityLIVE 2022 by visiting the CommunityLIVE hub, where we’ll have recap webinars and more — if you happened to miss a moment.

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