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HR from anywhere: 8 steps to empowering remote teams and modernizing processes

The new remote workforce demands visibility, control and accessibility throughout HR processes.

Every Human Resources function in your organization can be carried out remotely, securely and accurately, even in a continually changing workplace environment.

You could even argue that HR departments who are working remotely are more connected to their global employee populations — provided they have the right tools in place to help them succeed.

There’s never been a better time to ditch risky paper-based processes, provide easier access to employee files, streamline workflows and improve employee experiences.

With Hyland content services, remote HR teams can access employee information, automate tasks, acknowledge documents, onboard new employees and so much more.

With the Hyland Cloud, the flexibility and agility of conducting business from anywhere comes with security-driven policies and always-on support.


Capturing electronic documents and data on a single platform gives HR departments one single system to navigate and eliminates the need for physical paper. Digitizing HR documents is a necessity for remote HR departments — and workforces — all over the globe.


Better manage employee records and benefits information, no matter where the records are located, or what format they are in. Get information to the right people at the right time, minimizing process delays while giving users a complete view of each task, issue and employee record.


Make critical HR content available to the people who need it, wherever they are. The user experience is personalized, integrated with core applications, searchable and available from mobile devices. Security is built-in, with role-based information access.


Keep processes moving by automating repetitive tasks, even those involving sensitive employee forms. Lower the stress and costs associated with noncompliance by efficiently managing complex time- and event-based document retention policies.


Integrate content seamlessly with core applications — like ERPs, HRIS, HCM and other HR systems — without requiring custom code. Intelligently link HR files and processes to the corresponding employee data in other applications, giving HR staff all the information available for each employee from one screen.


Bridge the gap between you and your external stakeholders — including job applicants, employees, auditors and anyone else who needs to interact with your content. Reduce the burden on customer service by providing these individuals with self-service options and electronic signatures.


Track employee documents throughout their lifecycle, from application and onboarding to acknowledgements and offboarding. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks and prepare for audits with immediate insight into what information you have and what information you need — without involving IT administrators.


Securely store and protect content from disaster throughout its entire lifecycle with built-in data redundancy. Maintain compliance and automatically destroy content when it expires in accordance with legal retention requirements.