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Signify Research: Managing unstructured clinical content

When content is disconnected from EMRs, it can be difficult for clinicians to make informed care decisions. Learn how to achieve clinical content integration.

Healthcare professional shows medical images to a child and adult in a hospital room.

When clinical content is disconnected from EMRs, it can be difficult for healthcare clinicians to make informed care decisions. And when this system connectivity is overlooked, it can result in one of the biggest challenges facing health informaticists today — clinical content integration.

In this whitepaper created by Signify Research, learn about:

  • The challenge posed by unstructured clinical content
  • Moving towards a mature enterprise clinical content management system
  • Enterprise content platforms and a new paradigm of the vendor-provider relationship
  • The demand for more rigorous clinical content management

As the growing demands on clinical data management continue, a centralized hub within the healthcare provider organization is needed. A solution that is flexible, enabling the availability of applications and tools that enhance care in specialty areas.

Hyland Healthcare can do all of this while helping you see your whole patient. Our connected healthcare solutions help you make accurate information easier to find and use, and facilitate faster and more informed decision-making — all while supporting patient-centered care and the patient experience.

Download the whitepaper Managing unstructured clinical content to learn more.

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