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Content services in the cloud

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study reveals nearly 300% ROI.

Organizations across industries are recognizing the benefits of migrating their key content and process management solutions to the cloud — especially with the shift to remote work driven by the global health situation. What’s the potential impact for your organization?

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Download Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Hyland to explore the cost savings and business benefits enabled by content services in the cloud. Based on the real experiences of Hyland Cloud customers, the study reveals a three-year 293% ROI from content services in the cloud, as well as key findings such as:

  • Capital expenditure cost avoidance by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain servers on-premises
  • Templates and reusable workflows that increased speed in building content services
  • End-user productivity improvement due to cloud-based workflow solutions

You’ll also learn how to quantify the savings and value that content services in the cloud can bring to your organization.

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