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Break down content and information silos to accelerate the flow of work

Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper.

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Digital predator or digital prey? Are enterprise content and process silos hindering your digital transformation efforts?

To thrive in an increasingly digital world, organizations must break down information and process silos and extend digital transformation initiatives to empower employees with the digital resources needed to win, serve and retain customers.

This commissioned thought leadership paper, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Alfresco, evaluates organizations’ evolving needs for technologies that support enterprise content and business processes. Forrester surveyed 158 director-level or above IT professionals in the U.S. and U.K. for the study and uncovered four major findings:

  • Firms must accelerate digital transformation efforts or become digital prey.
  • IT leaders need to overhaul their firms’ legacy business applications to meet ambitious digital goals.
  • Content and process silos impede contextual awareness in core business processes.
  • Platforms that merge content and process to provide context can help firms prosper, helping them become digital predators.

When the customer is king, it’s essential that your organization is not only leveraging digital technologies to create greater value for them but also fostering greater operational agility to better serve those customers and deliver value back to the business.

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