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Try Alfresco Content Services Community

Download the latest version of Alfresco Content Services Community, an open source platform for community-driven development and contributions.

This online trial offers the quickest and easiest way to experience the simplicity and power of Alfresco Content Services (v23.1.1) and Alfresco Governance Services (v23.1.1). No install required.

  • Use Alfresco Digital Workspace to manage files and declare records
  • Experience the breadth of Alfresco platform, pre-populated with sites, content and simple workflows
  • Create automated rules to speed up record declaration and filing
  • Easily invite colleagues to try rich collaboration and records management features

Version 23.1.1  - Released November 2023

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There are multiple options to test and deploy the Alfresco Community Edition to suit a variety of needs and skill levels, from business user to advanced technical expert. We have summarized these options and our recommendations below. To learn more about the ACS 23.1.1 G version release, read the release notes.

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ACS 23.1.1 Community install

2. Non-containerized deployment using Ansible

Alfresco Community Edition supports Ansible playbooks to simplify the deployment for organizations that prefer non-containerized environments.


3. Non-containerized manual deployment

Manual deployment for advanced customization

Alfresco Community Edition can be deployed manually in cases where advanced customization is required. This method requires more time, and is recommended only for experienced database and application server administrators.



Refer to the ZIP Distribution files section of the ACS 23.1.1 Community release notes.

A lot of the platforms we are moving away from are very difficult to maintain and keep evolving. What we’ve enjoyed, and have really been able to expand on, is the flexibility of the Alfresco platform and how we can make it work with our various requirements.

— Jim Williams, Managing Director, Head of Operations and Shared Services Technology, RBC Capital Markets