File Identification

See beyond the file extension with the Document Filters SDK

Document Filters enables software developers to embed industry-leading file identification functionality into their solutions. If your application relies on processing files it did not create, file identification and inspection is a crucial first step. Document Filters leverages intelligent file identification to accurately inspect source content without relying on the filename extension.

  • Reliably identify over 550 file formats without relying on the filename extension
  • Identify and inspect contents of packaged, archived, compressed, and other container files
  • Enable deep content inspection including text, optical character recognition (OCR), metadata and hidden information such as tracked changes, comments, notes, annotations and embedded links
  • Determine the true nature of content, ensuring that source information is accurately identified for filtering
  • Deploy it your way - Document Filters runs natively on 27 platforms and flexible APIs give you the choice of language to integrate with your application