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E-discovery and information governance software company extends its application's uses to make it smarter and more efficient.

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Exterro was founded with the simple vision that applying the concepts of process optimization and data science to how companies manage digital information and respond to litigation would drive more successful outcomes at a lower cost. They remain committed to this vision as they deliver a fully integrated Legal GRC platform that enables their clients to address their regulatory, compliance and litigation risks more effectively and at lower costs. With software solutions that span privacy, legal operations, compliance, cybersecurity and information governance, Exterro helps some of the world’s largest organizations work smarter and more efficiently.

The challenge

Exterro and its customers needed the ability to extract metadata and content for legal review and viewing of different types of documents. Early in the process of choosing the right vendor, Exterro worked with three different vendors to ensure it would meet the needs for the solution that it was providing. Three different solutions from three vendors emerged as contenders, but stakeholders were resolute that the ultimate selection must meet a wide range of needs.

Eventually, Document Filters, Hyland’s content inspection, extraction, conversion and manipulation software development kit, came onto the selection team’s radar.

After confirming that Document Filters met the requirements and seeing the high level of support that Hyland offered, it was determined that Hyland was the preferred vendor and the right fit.

The solution

Document Filters embeds directly into applications and runs “under the hood.” Even though users don't see Hyland on the front end, the software enables Exterro to provide the best use and ensure it meets all the user’s requirements to their utmost satisfaction. With the ability to deploy on 27 platforms, work with 550 file types, inspect and extract across structured or unstructured data, and render near-perfect reproductions, Document Filters delivers powerful value for solution providers like Exterro.

The breadth of Document Filters’ functionality and usability was a major draw for Exterro. Features that set Document Filters apart from competitors included:

  • The ability to view in an HTML format
  • The ability to extract metadata and content
  • Hyland’s customer support
  • The maturity and stability of the product

Right-sized fit

Exterro felt the other potential vendors were too large to support their needs down the road. With Hyland’s team of professionals on hand to support the implementation of Document Filters, Exterro felt assured it would have the necessary attention for a seamless, successful deployment.

Agile solutions

Hyland’s ability to bring new features and functionality to customers quickly was a game-changer for Exterro. The company saw Hyland’s ability to push updates and make upgrades without impacting customers using the “under the hood” software as a major ongoing value.

With Document Filters embedded in Exterro software, Exterro is able to extend the power of their applications for their customers. Through their ongoing partnership and feedback, Exterro and Hyland are working together to discover new product needs and help shape the direction of the product.