Content Management Platform

Content management provides a complete view of content in context, when and where you need it

Get a complete view of your content management processes

From invoices to contracts to video files, your organization has a wide variety of business-critical content that’s required to support key processes, drive operations and serve customers. When this content is scattered across physical and electronic locations, users waste valuable time searching, with no easy way to ensure the most up-to-date information. To harness the true value of your key content, you need to handle it effectively with a content management platform.

With Hyland’s electronic content management platform, you organize, manage and optimize critical content originating across your organization, providing users with a complete view of the information they need when they need it.

The benefits of a content management platform to the information lifecycle

The advent of digital transformation will impact everything from customer experience to how information is stored across your organization. That makes configurability and accessibility two key players to focus on when choosing your suite of content management tools. A content management platform provides everyone across your organization a faster way to capture, distribute and access crucial information when and where they need it. It's three core benefits include: 

A connected, intuitive user experience for everyone

Allow your line-of-business (LOB) users, customers and administrators the ability to work on a single user-friendly interface. A content services management platform removes the need for users to switch back and forth between systems, directly reducing human errors and allowing for faster processes, communications and access to data. A connected, intuitive user experience for everyone

Efficient workflows with automation and low-code flexibility

Leverage intelligent automation to drive your digital transformation initiative forward. Users have the ability to make more informed business decisions when they have the information they need. A content management platform that is built with low-code flexibility also reduces the barriers to tech adoption, empowering LOB users to configure applications without the added strain on IT resources and complex coding backends. 

Stronger data security and compliance measures

Work in confidence with data security features that protect your organizational and customer data at all times. Data classification, version control and automated records and retention management are measures that safeguard content at every stage of it’s lifecycle. When it comes to compliance, Hyland’s content management platform makes it easy through comprehensive reporting for audits, standardized data handling processes, electronic signatures and other compliance procedures. 

Leverage a content management platform to:

  • Work digitally with business content, regardless of format and where the content currently resides.
  • Empower users to easily search for documents while leveraging digital folders and file cabinets to keep content organized.
  • Effectively handle revisions and versions to ensure users access the most current content.
  • Use notes, markups and electronic signatures, supporting effective collaboration and streamlining content management processes.
  • Provide a complete audit history of actions taken on key content for compliance.
  • Rapidly distribute the right documents to the right employees for required reading and training — easily tracking and proving employee acknowledgements.

Automated content management processes simplify access to documents and information, enabling your users to quickly and easily locate the information they need to complete tasks, make decisions and provide excellent customer service.

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