Mobile Capture

Empower employees to capture information while on the go

As your mobile workforce grows, more employees need to gather information while in the field as part of their everyday work.

Mobile capture tools provide the ability to capture, access and process content (photos, documents, signatures, etc.) on a mobile device while working remotely.

Without mobile capture software, you force your staff to carry paper forms and gather paper documents to transport back to the office for processing. This creates a risk of lost or delayed information and stalls processes.

Hyland mobile capture solutions provide your employees with the tools they need to capture information quickly in the field – even while they are disconnected from a network.

Mobile capture for business

Hyland mobile capture capabilities empower staff to collect critical information – and even capture signatures – while in the field.

With mobile capture, employees:

  • Instantly capture photos: Employees use the built-in camera on mobile phones and tablet devices to take images. They can then easily upload these mobile-captured photos into your Hyland system. By entering information directly from their devices, staff can index and associate photos with any related content already in the system for better access and streamlined processing.
  • Capture documents while on the go: When using a tablet to capture photos of documents, Hyland mobile document capture tools can detect the edges of the document and crop the image accordingly. They then flatten the image, turning a phone or tablet into a user-friendly mobile scanner.
  • Complete electronic forms and capture mobile signatures: : Hyland solutions provide easily configurable electronic forms to replace paper forms, including those needed to collect data while in the field. Staff can pull up forms on mobile devices for easy data entry, even integrating with your core business systems to auto-populate specific form fields. Our solutions even empower employees to capture signatures from customers, clients, patients, students or others directly on their mobile devices.

Hyland offers mobile capture as part of a mobile content management solution, allowing staff to capture, access and process information while on the go from a single mobile app. These mobile tools — natively developed for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices— increase your remote worker’s productivity and helps them provide better service to your stakeholders.

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