Email and fax import

Capture emails and faxes to gain process efficiency

Email Capture

Many of your most important communications related to business transactions are stored in email. But tracking and controlling business activity in email is an almost impossible task.

After all, email:

  • Provides little control due to “Forwards,” “Reply Alls” and “CCs”
  • Becomes quickly outdated, as you may not have the latest email in a conversation
  • Makes compliance difficult, because it’s hard to pinpoint which emails to destroy or save for the corporate record

Simplify the entire process and store important emails in Hyland’s content services platform – granting you complete control over the original correspondence. The system routes emails to the correct people, with all the conversational activity and documentation attached to it. When emails automatically become corporate record, employees don’t have to evaluate whether or not to save an email, because your Hyland solution does it for you.

Email is essential to business decision making. Unfortunately, email content is often disconnected from other key documents, forcing your users to constantly switch between applications to accomplish important tasks.

Our solutions have purpose-built integrations with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes and Novell GroupWise. These integrations empower employees to complete their work — without leaving their familiar email environment — by simplifying tasks that include:

  • Capturing emails and attachments as they’re received
  • Linking this content to related transactions, instantly triggering business processes
  • Accessing documents stored in your Hyland solution and completing approval tasks directly from your preferred email application

Fax Integrations

Are urgent faxes going undelivered at your organization? That kind of process delay can result in poor customer service and lost opportunities.

Stop delaying processes driven by fax documents. Instead, automate and accelerate them with a Hyland enterprise information platform. Easily capture, classify and store electronic copies of business-critical faxes, eliminating the delays of manual delivery. Maximize the value of your fax server investments and provide immediate access to time-sensitive content.

Discover all of the electronic content capture options available to you now.