Electronic Forms

Capture information instantly with electronic forms software

Paper forms significantly impact the profitability of your organization. They are costly to print, slow to fill out and can be incomplete or difficult to read once returned. The result? Inaccurate information and delayed processes.

Electronic forms (eforms) software eliminates problems associated with paper forms and expedites business processes for your staff and customers. All your electronic forms are:

  • Available through Hyland mobile applications
  • Automatically validated for accuracy
  • Instantly available within your Hyland enterprise information platform once submitted

With the ability to control required fields on the electronic forms, perform calculations on the form and validate data as it is entered, the software ensures completeness at the point of entry. Upon submission, the electronic forms solution instantly triggers associated processes and automatically routes the forms to the next step in the process.

Hyland solutions provide a number of options for building electronic forms including:

  • Configurable form builders
  • Support for custom HTML forms
  • Integrations with third-party digital forms products

Learn more about Hyland electronic capture capabilities now.