Data stream import

Easily import documents in data and print stream formats

Do you have applications that generate documents and reports that you print to paper or electronic files? If so, you’re adding an unnecessary step. The goal is to stop printing and begin directly importing documents into your enterprise information solution instead.

Hyland solutions can use the information contained within these documents to index them into the system with no required manual indexing, because the documents are already electronic. Eliminate the extra step.

Our capture solutions intake management reports directly from your enterprise legacy systems, automatically creating searchable electronic versions and triggering business processes. Once in a Hyland solution, reports are instantly accessible to everyone in your organization. No more spending time printing and distributing green bar reports from your enterprise applications.

XML output is a standard for today’s business systems and a common way for those systems to share information. Hyland solutions import XML report files, automatically classifying, indexing and creating individual readable documents. They also provide different viewing displays based on an employee’s role in the organization.

Documents are immediately:

  • Searchable
  • Accessible
  • Eligible for automated processing

Making information easily accessible is of the utmost importance to any organization. We design Hyland solutions with that in mind.

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