Content Import on Demand

Capture content directly from everyday applications

Every day, employees create, receive and find content outside of your normal business processes – anything from a hand-written note to an email attachment. That content is essential to your business operations, so getting that content into your central enterprise information system is just as critical as it is for documents that come in by regular means.

Hyland capture solutions provide a number of ways for you to accomplish this. Often, it is as simple as clicking “print” in your internet browser or core business application to create a copy of the content within the solution you’re using. Direct integrations with Microsoft Office applications – such as Microsoft Word – enable users to upload documents into your Hyland solution directly from within those applications.

Of course, employees can also simply import files of almost any format from their computers into the enterprise information system, from PDFs to CAD files to TIFF images. Content can come into your organization at any time, in almost any way. Your content management solutions need to account for that. We design Hyland solutions with just that in mind.

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