Automated Data Capture Process

Creating a consistent process that ensures accurate information

When building a digital transformation strategy, the primary goal is typically straightforward: Drive increased efficiency by removing error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks (i.e. data entry, document classification). No matter what process you want to improve, they all start the same way – with collecting information. If your plan for that step is manual data capture and indexing, the remainder of every process will suffer.

That’s why you need to make sure a data capture solution is front and center in your digital transformation efforts.

Automated Data Capture Process

Hyland data capture solutions automatically identify and capture data from incoming documents while creating a consistent process that ensures accurate information gets to those who need it as quickly as possible. Once a document enters your Hyland solution, it enters into the following process:

  • Document classification
  • Data extraction
  • Data validation
  • Data and document delivery

By creating a framework for data collection and providing tools to automate the extraction and delivery of information and documents, Hyland data capture solutions get every process in your organization off to the right start.

Learn more about each step of the automated data capture process here.