You cannot automate processes until the unstructured information underlying them is comprehensible. In the past, this meant assigning staff to review all incoming content, index it and manually enter key information in the appropriate core business system.

A process like that takes time and has a lot of potential for error.

True end-to-end automation isn’t possible if front-end data capture still requires slow, error-prone manual processing. Hyland intelligent capture solutions combine optical character recognition and human-like intelligence to turn paper and electronic documents into actionable data, without manual data entry. Our tools provide the critical first step of a successful automation strategy, including:

Grow smarter with data capture
and intelligent automation

Growth is good, but without a development strategy and the tools to back it up, growth is neither scalable nor sustainable. Growing smarter means investing in advanced technologies, like intelligent capture, to empower your employees with the tools and information they need to better serve customers.

Capturing and extracting the information coming into your organization accurately is critical to the efficiency of downstream processes and interactions. When combined with other digital transformation efforts, data capture not only speeds process completion but cuts costs and reduces the risk of human error.