Connected to the Way You Work

Derive more value from your information by connecting it to the processes and systems that need it.

Your users likely spend much of their time working in multiple applications, and your data needs to be able to follow them. By integrating with the systems and applications that are key to your organization, Hyland helps you streamline the flow of data and automate and standardize the tasks and activities related to it. Integrating your Hyland solution with your other applications can not only provide significant improvements in productivity but also reduce errors and improve data security and compliance.

Integration, your way

We know that you may need various levels of integration to support the way your organization works best. That’s why we offer a full range of options:

  • Pre-built connectors simplify integrating your Hyland solution with common productivity tools and enterprise applications.
  • Integration servers ensure an instantaneous, reliable exchange of data between your Hyland platform and core systems without requiring programming to an API or relying on error-prone flat-file data exchanges.
  • Web services provide an easily configurable way for your other applications to access data from your Hyland platform.
  • Screen-level integration enables access to the relevant Hyland platform documents and operations directly from your other application windows.
  • API integration gives you the flexibility to create your own integrations with the Hyland platform using industry-standard programming languages and protocols.

Part of your ecosystem

Effective integration is not just about giving your users access to the data in your Hyland platform. It is also about Hyland being part of and enhancing your technology ecosystem by making your users’ interactions with their core applications more productive, relevant and intuitive. The sky is the limit, but here are a few examples:

  • Embedding a content viewer into your existing application like in this integration with Salesforce.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of your existing application to process or edit content in your Hyland platform like in this integration with Microsoft Office.
  • Connect to a third-party service or application to automate or augment your content-related processes, like in this integration with Iron Mountain Policy Center.

Learn more about the Hyland’s integration capabilities