Jadu helps organizations around the world build the best possible connections to their customers via its low-code, easy-to-use platform, and multi-award-winning design team. Providing CRM, websites and forms, the Jadu platform is the foundation of accessible, responsive and efficient websites that empower effective self-service.

Jadu Central is a low-code web content and form management platform for digital service delivery, including publishing workflows, translations and microsites. The Jadu Central platform powers the Hyland Content Portal, which empowers teams and users across industries to provide online forms, document upload and tracking, payment processing and workflow automation directly in our OnBase enterprise content services solution.

Benefits of Hyland Content Portal powered by Jadu Central

  • Enables online access to all organizational processes at the front end to reduce calls and wait times
  • Allows end users to self-service from any location, on mobile, tablet or desktop devices 
  • Provides staff 24/7 access to information stored in OnBase
  • Integrates directly into existing portals and websites
  • Decreases paper-based approaches and time-consuming searches for information
  • Increases employee productivity from anywhere with a digital channel to easily submit documents, complete online forms and check workflow status from any web browser
  • Extends the value of existing technology investments with easy-to-use web form creation and management to drive digital transformation initiatives
  • Improves accessibility by delivering Section 508 compliance with mobile-responsive HTML5 web pages and forms