OnBase’s low-code platform brings simpler hiring and better workflows

Customer Success Story

Tamilyn Armstrong of UnitedHealthcare is working with a lot of data, a lot of people and several departments across the nation. As the senior director of operations, her team is tasked with managing massive amounts of of provider and member data quickly, efficiently and in a member-positive manner.

With OnBase, her team is able to meet the needs of all the stakeholders while developing a first-class technology foundation.

In this testimonial, Armstrong walks you through the power of OnBase’s low-code platform. It benefits the UnitedHealthcare team — as well as its members — in many ways, including:

  • Increasing the hiring pool: Nonprogrammers can join the team and be trained for OnBase.
  • Faster time-to-launch: New employees are up and running in six to eight weeks, rather than six to eight months.
  • Intuitive automations are built into the platform.
  • Critical data is accessible enterprise-wide.

By adding OnBase to its everyday operations, UnitedHealthcare has decreased provider-member abrasions and brought powerful but simple technology to the team, resulting in a seamless service.

Learn how OnBase has empowered UnitedHealthcare’s team to better serve its members and drive workflow efficiencies.