State and local government agencies have long faced pressure to transform operations and adopt practices that enhance efficiency and service delivery while reducing costs. This imperative has only been magnified by COVID-19’s impact on constituents, communities and government staff. Citizens expect better responsiveness for mission-critical services while employees want the flexible to work from any location.

However, modernizing legacy systems and eliminating outdated, paper-based practices pose a range of challenges, including budget constraints, increased workloads and insufficient IT resources. How can departments meet their objectives for digital government in a streamlined, cost-effective way?

In this ebook, we explore how a single modern content services solutions can help agencies achieve three key priorities in government. Through agency-specific use cases, customer success stories and tips for adoption, you’ll learn about the tools that can help accelerate the path to a digital-first government and further your agency’s mission.

New technology infrastructures, technical advancement and digital services are no longer optional. Government must embrace digital transformation, or the trust gap with citizens will grow.
- Greg Godbout, Former CTO and EPA Digital Services Lead

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