Employee File Management

Streamline processes and improve productivity with Perceptive Content

With various stakeholders, documents and data involved in employee file management processes, relying on multiple complex systems to complete tasks has become the norm. It can become an uphill task to successfully manage, store and keep track of content, especially as your organization grows — and the documents associated with the employee lifecycle evolve.

Perceptive Content can help you eliminate manual, paper-based processes and provide access to a wealth of data. With an effective employee file management solution, documents are managed and stored securely in a centralized repository, improving document security and compliance.

And, with seamless integration with existing HR systems, you extend the functionality of your HRIS and other systems. View the fact sheet to learn:

  • What stands in the way of comprehensive employee file management
  • How an intuitive solution streamlines processes and maximizes productivity
  • Key features of Perceptive Content and a snapshot of how it could help you propel your HR to greater heights

Eliminating paper from your HR department not only eliminates the costs of storing and managing paper, but it also saves staff time. Instead of tracking, filing and looking up paper forms, staff are able to focus on higher value tasks.