Hyland continues to lead in the content services industry while leveraging the power of the cloud

The concept of the cloud may not be cutting-edge anymore. But the way it enables organizations to improve business processes and drive digital transformation is still pretty cool.

Plus, Hyland broke industry barriers when we launched the Hyland Cloud way back in 2004. Back then, cloud document management was a novel idea – but we were convinced content management in the cloud was the way of the future. We were right then, and we’re still thinking about the future today. That’s why we have continued delivering new SaaS solutions, pushing boundaries and innovating in the cloud – so our customers can, too.

We don’t rely solely on innovative ideas when it comes to our cloud delivery, however. Your information is far too important for that.

The Hyland Cloud architecture is uniquely customized for Hyland content services, delivering multi-tenant SaaS solutions and supporting stringent security standards. Our ability to securely deliver a cloud-based content management system helps you meet your compliance objectives, including NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and more, and secures your data and your customers’ data via robust encryption technologies in transit, in use and at rest.

Our aggressive disaster recovery safeguards mean your critical information is available to you whenever you need it. Three copies of your data are stored securely in the Hyland Cloud, across two geographically dispersed hosting facilities.

For your content and information management, cloud security is our top priority. In the Hyland Cloud, your information is protected at rest, while it isn’t actively being used; in use, as it is being accessed by authorized users; and in transit, when it is transported between servers and the database.

And since its beginning in 2004, the Hyland Cloud has delivered an average of 99.99% availability. That level of stability and reliability is just one reason why 98% of Hyland Cloud customers continue to renew their subscriptions year after year.

The Hyland Cloud is also scalable — it grows with you. When you need more storage, it’s available for you. We store several petabytes of data in our cloud, an amount that is increasing by around 4TB every day. And, thanks to frequent solution updates and innovative offerings like our next-generation, cloud-based Hyland Experience Platform (HxP), customers leveraging the Hyland Cloud will always have the most modern, intuitive capabilities and solutions at their fingertips.

Leveraging a sophisticated, multi-cloud architecture, the Hyland Cloud gives organizations the flexibility and agility in how they leverage the power of the cloud. This includes co-located datacenters, AWS and other cloud services customized to organizations’ specific needs.