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Our imaging solutions are about helping you create a digital imaging strategy to support the care of your patients and streamline operational costs. Whether it’s viewing an image in the EHR along with other patient data, or capturing, viewing or interpreting images across multiple specialties.

Hyland imaging solutions support your digital transformation — breaking down silos for improved patient care, increased productivity and cost reduction.

The UNC Health “one patient, one chart” vision includes images

UNC Health overcame delays in patient care and referral processes by extending its “one patient, one chart” philosophy to enterprise imaging.

The advantages of enterprise imaging

University of Rochester Medical Center has enjoyed several clinical, financial and operational advantages by moving from a PACS-only imaging approach to an enterprise imaging model.

Enterprise imaging for real-world machine learning

Yale New Haven Health is developing machine learning algorithms to directly access imaging data in its VNA to quickly analyze CT scans for anonymized academic research.