PACSgear is a suite of solutions that make it easy to capture, integrate and share vital medical images and associated data with your team, facility or across your health system and connect them to your EMR healthcare software, VNA, or PACS. 

With PACSgear, you can quickly and easily share information from any specialty or department such as radiology, cardiology, emergency, gastroenterology, dermatology or orthopedics to enable collaboration and provide a complete view of all patient images for clinicians making diagnoses and patient care decisions.

An enterprise-class image capture solution, PACSgear scales to meet the needs of any size healthcare delivery organization, from the smallest single facility to the largest and most complex healthcare organization. You can start by implementing one PACSgear module in a single department and easily add other PACSgear applications over time. Because of its multi-server enterprise architecture, all PACSgear modules can be administered and configured from a central location or remotely from any web-enabled workstation, facilitating maintenance, deployment and expansion.

Explore how PACSgear can help you:


  • Visible Light Scope Capture

  • Image and Document Capture

  • Mobile Image and Video Capture

  • Electronic Forms

  • Structured Report Normalization Interface

  • DICOM Modality Worklist

  • Encounter-based Imaging (POCUS)

  • DICOM CD and DVD Burning

  • Other Solutions

MDR Video Touch 4K

Capture video and images from visible light modalities and easily associate them with the correct patient record. It's an ideal solution for angiography, ultrasound, endoscopy and vascular imaging systems. Video Touch 4K uses industry standards such as DICOM, XDS and HL7 to connect images to a PACS, VNA, XDS repository or EMR.

  • Integrated touch screen
  • VESA mount or bracket for stand-alone use
  • Last cine hold/playback with frame-by-frame review
  • Lights-out management
  • Multiple video inputs
  • Patient data entry via modality worklist or onscreen keyboard
  • Supports reviewing and editing at the point of care

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PACS Scan Web

Easily import images and videos from any department to a VNA, PACS or XDS repository and capture patient content from any browser-enabled workstation.

A web-based interface simplifies administration and deployment throughout the enterprise. With the thin-client PACS Scan Web, users can scan documents, virtually print, import PDFs and a variety of other document image types (e.g., TIFFs, JPEGs, DICOM and DICOMDIR) and video files (MPEG4, MPEG2, AVI) from anywhere with a browser-enabled workstation.

  • A web-based user interface makes broad capture functionality available to any browser workstation.
  • DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) interfaces to the PACSgear worklist (Image Link), RIS worklist, PDQ Source or DICOM archive to provide automatic loading of patient demographics.
  • The DICOM import feature can edit and localize patient demographics and change fields such as patient ID/MRN and accession number before importing outside studies

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PACS Scan Mobile

Streamline the capture of vital patient images and video with mobile devices to route content into your core systems.

PACS Scan Mobile reduces delays, improves accessibility, and speeds the sharing of patient content for more informed decisions and enhanced quality of care.

  • Receive, encrypt, and send images and videos to your PACS, VNA and/or EMR from a mobile device.
  • Select patient demographics quickly from a worklist, eliminating time-consuming manual processes.
  • No PHI on the mobile devices as images don’t remain there.
  • Edit and annotate images from the point of capture.
  • Customize and adapt study descriptions based on a department’s needs or preferences.


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Web Forms

Collect data for common workflows like radiological technologist (RT) worksheets and patient history forms. Web Forms is an electronic forms solution that provides simple data capture functionality through a thin client web interface. A forms designer and user interface make it easy to create forms anywhere in the organization and deploy them to any department. Users can access forms through any browser-enabled workstation.

For ModLink users: Web Forms can be tightly integrated to allow the population of normalized measurement data from ModLink into the electronic forms. RTs can then edit and add comments before sending them to the radiologist dictation system for direct insertion into the report.


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Normalize DICOM Structured Report (SR), XML or HL7 measurement data from modalities such as ultrasound, DEXA and CT, and auto-populate the SR measurement data and into radiology reports, saving valuable radiologist dictation time and reducing potential human error.

  • Auto-populate measurements into a voice recognition system.
  • Normalize data for quality control:
    • Metric conversions and formatting measurements
    • Select the min\max value from a group
    • Date and time formats, days to weeks\days
    • Fix the number of decimal points
    • Set out of bounds measurement ranges
  • Advanced map custom fields such as private tags in SR/HL7
  • Eliminate time-consuming dictation and reduce reporting errors
  • Modlink supports multiple vendors and modalities


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Image Link

Overcome the functionality gaps inherent in many image and video capture modalities with Image Link. Receive, parse, store, and make available HL7 patient and study information queryable by DICOM modalities. By providing a queryable source of patient and study information to worklist deficient modalities, Image Link enables faster and more accurate indexing of captured images and video. The automation of the indexing process helps make this content more accessible to other enterprise applications.

  • Creates DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL).
  • Provides demographics for scheduled and unscheduled workflow.
  • Supports workflow in departments such as dermatology, ED, ENT and wound care.


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Image Link Encounter Workflow

Resolve issues with incomplete or incorrect metadata (such as order number, accession number, and so on) for orderless procedures with Image Link Encounter Workflow (ILEW). ILEW uses a variety of data sources, logic and lookup tables to provide the data necessary to properly capture, index and archive imaging content generated as part of an encounter-based procedure and send it to a PACS or VNA.

Streamline encounter-based workflow and eliminate the clinical blind spots often created by point-of-care devices. ILEW supports both portable and stationary modalities (for example, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) and ophthalmology) and enhances clinical visibility for improved patient care.

  • Capture, manage and visualize encounter-based studies with industry-standard protocols.
  • Archiving and viewing capabilities can scale from a single department to an entire enterprise.
  • Improve charge capture for orderless procedures.


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Media Writer

Burn DICOM studies and reports to CDs and DVDs

Media Writer allows you to work anywhere and delivers a scalable and affordable solution for burning DICOM CDs and DVDs. Media Writer is intuitive, easy to use and scales to meet all your image distribution needs – even in image-intensive departments like radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology and orthopedics.

A low maintenance software and hardware solution with a distribution system that is easy to configure, deploy and maintain, Media Writer includes a basic DICOM viewer and connects to Epic and Cerner with Release of Information (ROI) functionality.


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EHR Gateway

EHR Gateway is an easy-to-implement solution that captures images from multiple DICOM devices, converts them to a native format and makes them available for ingestion by the EMR.

  • Centralize the acquisition and management of content from DICOM devices not managed by PACS or VNA.
  • Improve process consistency.
  • Reduce interface costs by aggregating content from multiple DICOM devices into a single interface.

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Gear View QC

Edit any DICOM patient, study, series, or image tag with a simple, powerful quality control tool that makes day-to-day workflow easier for PACS/VNA and EMR administrators and technologists.

With intuitive functionality for viewing, importing, editing, printing, and sharing, Gear View QC lets you fix common demographic errors in any DICOM field and visually edit studies to split or combine exams and add and remove images.

  • Visually edit studies directly by splitting or combining and adding and removing images.
  • Anonymize DICOM studies by masking burned-in patient information.
  • Import, burn and send DICOM studies to the PACS, VNA and EMR.

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Scan documents and import JPEG, AVI and MPEG files from a thick-client workstation in any department to any PACS, VNA or EMR. Convert and send Word files, PDFs, reports, emails, and images with the PACS Scan Virtual Printer, a printer selection that appears within your Windows application. Improve workflow and provide access to important clinical documentation, such as tech notes, screening forms and order information.

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