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State of Ohio

State agency partners with Hyland Global Services to ensure its solution will grow to meet its needs for years to come.

So you deployed your first content services solution. Now what? Unsurprisingly, your initial purchase of a content services platform is just the beginning of your digital transformation journey. It’s a first step toward building an enterprise solution that benefits every corner of your organization.

When a large state government customer initially invested in Hyland’s OnBase enterprise information platform, it predetermined that it would expand its use throughout their agencies and departments. But deciding where to begin was not easy.

Enter Hyland Global Services.

Building a relationship for success

When a customer begins working with Hyland Global Services, they are immediately assigned dedicated Global Services representatives to support them through the engagement. For the State of Ohio, those representatives are Hyland strategic account executive Lori Kershner and Hyland enterprise advisor Tom Pappalardo.

“As with all of our customers, we set out to determine what challenges the state was facing so we could provide solutions and an evolving plan for growth,” said Kershner. “That means determining what this specific partnership looked like through regular consultations and planning sessions.”

Fast-forward five years, and the Hyland Global Services team and state government customer are still in lock step with each other due to a mutually agreed upon cycle of consultation, project management and collaborative solution expansion:


  • Five years of working with the same Global Services representatives, spanning work that impacts thousands of users from the state level to individual constituents.

Project management:

  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings set between Global Services staff and the state government’s planning committees, agency representatives and IT staff.

Collaborative solution expansion:

  •  50+ projects over the past five years

The benefits of a strong partnership

With a strong partnership in place, the Hyland Global Services team and the state were able to put in place plans for expansion that met the customer’s evolving needs. By working with the Global Services team, the state was and is able to make use of a number of additional benefits as well, including help building an internal OnBase solution team, ongoing Hyland solution education for state staff, and on-demand access to solution and government industry experts.

“A main component of Global Services is to educate our customers so that over time they will have the tools and information necessary to plan and execute on new projects in-house,” explains Pappalardo.

By building their own expertise and working closely with their Global Services representatives, the state has greatly expanded its OnBase solution over the last five years. These efforts have resulted in increased efficiency and integrations with their existing systems that provide staff with centralized locations for the information they need to do their best work. This expansion includes:

  • Enterprise planning road map, including 13 active projects across multiple departments over the next year
  • Enterprise expansion to 8,000+ users, 25+ departments and 10+ agencies

Your digital transformation journey may be just beginning, or you may have checked off a number of goals and are looking for a little guidance on where to head next. This state government customer provides a perfect example of the importance of investing in a platform — and a provider — that can scale with your organization’s growing and changing needs. An enterprise information platform is an investment in the future. By partnering with Hyland Global Services, this state customer has ensured their solution will be able to grow to meet their needs for years to come.

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