Jefferson Health

Hospital system chooses Hyland as the best way to scale and enhance patient care.

Chris Tomlinson, vice president of enterprise radiology at Jefferson Health, shares how his organization's use of enterprise imaging supports rapid growth and evolution.

Jefferson Health expanded from two hospital systems to 18 hospitals at a rapid rate. The fast growth demanded the leaders find an efficient, scalable digital solution to connect legacy environments.

After evaluating options in the market, the organization brought on Hyland solutions for enterprise imaging. With that decision, Jefferson Health implemented Acuo VNA, PACS and enterprise dictation. Additionally, a workflow manager helps distribute studies and move images through the different systems and to the appropriate radiologists.

Tomlinson notes the importance of radiologists being able to subspecialize, read and distribute studies across Jefferson Health's many environments, which even cross states. He says Hyland's solutions help his organization deliver the best patient care.

It’s important to be able to have the infrastructure to really facilitate collaboration. That’s kind of how we chose Hyland.
— Chris Tomlinson, Vice President of Enterprise Radiology, Jefferson Health