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Cisco: Just 6 weeks to build a game-changing solution

Hear from Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins and other leaders on how Cisco used Hyland’s open source platform to build a centralized solution to house sales team collateral and training, as well as to automate workflows and metadata — in just six weeks.

“[Our new solution] SalesConnect really helps us mobilize our sales team and our partners to focus on selling new products very quickly,” Robbins said. They can find what they need, spend more time with our customers, help build out the comprehensive solutions that our customers are looking for from us."

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Hyland knows AI

Hyland’s newest solutions have a common theme: Intelligence.

Hyland Experience (Hx) is a next-gen, cloud-native intelligent content solution that uses AI and advanced capabilities to accelerate processes, obtain deeper insights and improve the way we work.

Hyland Intelligent Document Processing (Hyland IDP) revolutionizes document onboarding capabilities with AI.

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