July 28, 2023

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Hyland, Maastricht University Medical Center+ in the Netherlands deepen partnership with enterprise OnBase installation to drive interoperability

Leading Dutch university medical center cites significant integration with Epic as driving force to expand partnership with Hyland beyond imaging solutions

Outside photo of Maastricht University Medical Center+ in the Netherlands.

Hyland, a leading global content services provider, has expanded its partnership with Maastricht University Medical Center+ (MUMC+) in the Netherlands to deploy OnBase as MUMC+’s content management system.

MUMC+’s addition of OnBase continues a long-standing partnership between the two organisations. Previously, MUMC+ has deployed Hyland’s Acuo VNA, XDS and NilRead medical imaging solutions. In expanding its use of these key solutions, MUMC+ determined that Hyland’s enterprise OnBase platform was the best choice to improve care insight by bringing patient records and unstructured data that were not captured in the EHR into its Epic workflows — which integrate seamlessly with OnBase, providing unmatched interoperability. OnBase allows healthcare providers to have a 360-degree view using patient imaging data and view all types of documents that are patient related. All data can be exchanged with healthcare providers outside MUMC+ using XDS.

MUMC+ has over 700 beds and 6,500 employees, and serves over 350,000 patients annually. The medical center is known both nationally and internationally for its focus on prevention and taking an integrated approach to health care. MUMC+ officials and IT decision-makers visited several hospitals with Epic installations in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and met with Hyland representatives at HIMSS in April and at Hyland’s EMEA Summit in London last autumn. Through this due diligence process, and upon hearing from Hyland experts and current customers, MUMC+ selected OnBase as a key extension of its electronic health record.

“We’ve worked closely with MUMC+ to support its medical imaging interoperability goals. Now we are prepared to demonstrate the power of content services to drive improved clinician efficiency,” said Alex Ryan, Hyland’s director of business development in EMEA. “We’re thankful MUMC+ has put its trust in Hyland to extend interoperability, and we look forward to deliver great results like we have for so many other providers all over the world.”

Among other trends in Dutch healthcare, the country’s system is widely regarded as advanced technologically. The Dutch healthcare system is commonly and frequently adopting digital technologies to enhance access to services, improve interoperability for better communication between patients and providers, and support the delivery of more deeply tailored care.

“Hyland has been a key partner for MUMC+ for years, and in our analysis of available platforms to meet our interoperability needs, it was clear Hyland was the best choice to provide for improved care collaboration by automatically directing patient records to workflows, people and our Epic system,” said Igor Schoonbrood, Lead Enterprise Architect, MUMC+. “Given the great interoperability and care collaboration achieved with Hyland’s enterprise medical imaging solutions, we have supreme confidence Hyland’s content services will fill in patient record gaps, helping us deliver more connected care to our patients.”

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