As we begin to emerge from the global pandemic, the health and safety of everyone in the Hyland community — employees, partners, customers and more, along with their families and coworkers — remains our highest priority. Therefore, in an abundance of caution, at this time we will continue to offer robust learning experiences through virtual platforms.

How we as people connect, collaborate and learn has changed — and it’s continuing to evolve. To keep pace, we are expanding our online tools, platforms and resources to help our customers and partners deliver the best possible experience to the people they serve.

There are amazing opportunities to connect virtually with the Hyland community, including:

September 11–15, 2022

Mark your calendars for Hyland’s annual digital transformation event! You’ll experience what’s new and next in the digital landscape as you connect with industry peers, the Hyland team and product experts.

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  • AIIM-forum-Europe-Intelligent-Information-Management

    Thursday, Jun 23 2022

    Paradigm Shift: A Pivotal Year for Digital Transformation

    2022 is already shaping up to be a pivotal year for the digital transformation agenda. Organizations that were forced to pivot by the pandemic are now faced with some key decisions as the world starts to bounce back from a major shockwave: do they try to return to the ‘old normal’ or do they capitalise on the experience of the past 2 years to permanently embrace more agile ways of working?

    For most this will be an entirely rhetorical question, putting intelligent information management (IIM) firmly at the heart of a new business paradigm.

    There is lots to talk about! And after two postponements, AIIM Europe can’t wait to bring the IM community’s favourite event back to the real world, with a wealth of thought leadership, practical advice and long-awaited opportunities to learn and network face-to-face.

  • TechQuest: An online digital experience #2

    Experience Hyland products firsthand and learn by doing. Hyland Developers, QA, Tech Support and Services team members will walk you through hands-on, focused training sessions designed to develop and refine your Hyland product knowledge.

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