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    Peace of Mind

Hyland Pride Alliance

The Hyland Pride Alliance (HPA) promotes LGBTQ+ awareness, creating a safe and supportive forum for discussing LGBTQ+ issues. We strive to make a lasting and positive impact both within Hyland and in our local communities through education, outreach, and positive interaction with group members and non-group members alike.

Living with PRIDE: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

HylandWIN – Women in Networking

We empower women at Hyland by providing education resources and opportunities for personal development. We encourage self-promotion and peer support with opportunities to network. We enable our entire Hyland community, male and female, to recognize and support the diverse strengths of our female colleagues.

My Hyland story is a total WIN

Accessibility ERG

Hyand has a responsibility to provide accessible spaces, technology and services to our growing community of employees, partners and customers, and the people they serve. We work to raise awareness and make essential changes to the way we develop products, communicate and address workplace challenges.

Accessibility or access ability?

MERG – Multicultural ERG

MERG provides a forum where members are encouraged to showcase their diverse identities, learn from fellow employees about unfamiliar cultures, and introduce solutions to obstacles that people of color and underrepresented cultures experience. We offer professional development opportunities and coaching for group members. We foster relationships within our communities to expose underrepresented groups to technology careers. We enrich company culture by including and celebrating diverse backgrounds represented at Hyland.

MERG celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

VERG – Veteran ERG

VERG is a community for veteran and military employees that helps ensure active military and vets have the resources they need to bring their unique talents to the workplace. From recruiting and interviewing new candidates to providing dedicated veteran mentors and coordinating informational meetings, VERG supports the camaraderie shared by many vets. 

From soldier to civilian: How Hyland helps veterans bridge the gap


Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind supports and empowers employees to talk about mental health challenges and the impact they have on our personal and professional lives. We are a community, free of judgment, for employees to learn, share and listen with the intention of eliminating stigma associated with the broad spectrum that is mental health.

How to create an organizational culture of mental health awareness