Human Resources Document Management

Improve HR file and application approval, organisation, storage, and visibility

Human resources (HR) departments generate a mountain of data and documents. Everything from employee reviews to company policies needs to be tracked, stored and updated on a regular basis. If you’re an HR professional, you’re familiar with the challenges of dealing with this sometimes overwhelming surplus of files. The good news is there are ways to effectively handle it on your own, without having to outsource to a third party.

What is human resources document management?

Human resources document management is the processes and techniques involved in organising, storing and accessing all types of HR files and data.

A good HR document management solution will allow you to focus on your job – managing human resources – instead of on painful audits and labor-intensive file updating and storing.

It will do this by:

  • Automatically updating and filing all HR-related forms and documents on a secure, cloud-based server
  • Quickly and easily processing new applicants and onboarding new employees
  • Securely storing and managing employee files in digital folders that ensure separation of key HR documents

How can OnBase help you with HR document management?

OnBase by Hyland maximises your ability to perform administrative tasks, access information and cycle through HR approval processes. Our system integrates with your human capital management systems, allowing you to retrieve employee documents and data without leaving your familiar interfaces.

Our solution will allow you to:

  • Eliminate manual/paper forms and create quick, transparent processes
  • Automate essential tasks such as policy and procedure sign-offs, employee onboarding and employee offboarding 
  • Significantly speed up new employee recruitment and selection via electronic capturing, storing and routing of applicant files
  • Better manage employee files by equipping you with secure, instant access to critical employee information
  • Electronically store and distribute policies and procedures, ensuring every employee is instantly updated when changes are made

To learn more about how OnBase can help you with your HR document management strategy, contact us.