State of Nebraska

One person can get a lot done if they have the right information. Learn how OnBase drives self-service in the State of Nebraska by giving staff and constituents instant access to the information they need.

Video Transcription

Kevin Keller, IT manager, State of Nebraska

I talked about cell service, but in my mind, what cell service means to some people is different. To me, it's really eliminating all paper processes as we can. I'm talking anywhere from where we don't have forms anymore, we don't have paper anymore. We actually create forms, and we process those through workflow. We actually take the output through document composition and we put that back in OnBase. We have our constituents or internal people actually log in OnBase, view their explanation of benefits, view their denial letters, or whatever they need to.

Removes custom coding for forms

So we're truly going to what I'm going to call a self-service paperless environment. And most agencies are taking advantage of that. Every form we created in the past we had a custom code. Version 12 we're finally to the point that out of 80 forms, 79 of those are going to be unity forms and actually not have to code 79 forms. In the past when there was paper, people either drive in from all over state, maybe to Lincoln or to an office to get information, now they could do it at their fingertips through a computer

Saves Significant Processing Time

From an employer and/ or a provider perspective, they could actually now process either their claims or payments much faster than in the past. We're cutting things down from 25 days to three or four days processing time because it's all real time, all online, anywhere access. Having a tool that we can consistently build, upgrade, and promote is a huge benefit for the state.