With this method of deploying OnBase, you utilise your own resources and expertise to maintain your OnBase environment within your own infrastructure. Here are three things you should know about deploying OnBase on-premise:

Use your existing infrastructure 

OnBase has a straightforward approach to the architecture and infrastructure needed to support the solution. The OnBase software has been designed to run within a Microsoft Windows environment and we support Linux and Unix operating systems for certain server roles. OnBase can utilise Microsoft, Oracle or Sybase database products, catering to your preference. OnBase can run on physical machines or virtual environments and is both Citrix Ready and VMware Ready certified. OnBase can easily integrate with Active Directory or other LDAP security designs.

Utilise your expertise

Because OnBase can take advantage of your existing infrastructure, you can continue to use the expertise and resources at your disposal. Hyland provides training that covers a wide scope of OnBase functionality to help organisations become proficient in the configuration and use of their systems, including classes from basic administration all the way through to programming to the OnBase API. Training options include online classes with an instructor, classroom based learning in person or via self-paced educational videos. Hyland offers exceptional one tier support, with dedicated support teams of certified OnBase experts for each customer.

Architecture designed with you in mind

We designed the OnBase architecture to affordably meet the needs of your organisation. OnBase has a few key server components used to build every solution. This makes departmental solutions straightforward and affordable. When building a global enterprise deployment, you simply scale the number or capabilities of these servers, adding resources and additional components as you need them. The OnBase product has a modular design, allowing you to purchase only the software that you need. Because the entire OnBase product suite is built upon the same code-base, adding additional OnBase functionality as your system grows is simple and cost effective.

This flexibility helps your organisation control costs while keeping your processes running efficiently.

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