Data Solutions for Construction and Engineering

Digitise, Automate and Control the Flow of Information

Construction and engineering requires integrated information and systems to ensure projects are delivered on time, safely, within budget and to client specifications.

Traditionally, this has involved reliance on a lot of paperwork in different departments –leading to issues with disjointed, missing or out-of-date information.

OnBase ECM scalable solutions facilitate the digital transformation of the construction and engineering industry by managing the entire lifecycle of information, in any format.

Ensure stakeholders have access to the information they require, where and when it’s needed, from any device. Enable improvements in communications and decision-making. Automate processes and eliminate paper-based tasks to improve efficiency and productivity.

Here are some of the ways that OnBase can help construction and engineering companies.

AP Automation Software

Intelligent data capture scans and reads data from documents in real-time and sends it to workflow for automated processing. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces the risk of errors, and improves processing efficiency and cash flow management.

Job Documentation

Automatic indexing of documents and fast retrieval through custom queries makes it easy to record and track project milestones, deadlines and client requirements.


Using automated workflow processes, OnBase ensures contractors and other stakeholders are provided with up-to-date versions of critical information.

Proposals / Bids

OnBase provides end-to-end automation of the proposal process:

  1. Issuing of bids
  2. Contractors reading/accepting receipt then responding to tenders
  3. Construction companies accepting contractor bid responses
  4. Allocation of works

Contract Management

Vital information is extracted from contracts and can be automatically uploaded to back-end systems such as ERP, CRM and accounts.


Order / Change Management

Variations to projects can be updated as processed, to ensure all relevant parties – supply chain, engineers, contractors, project managers and other stakeholders – can access the latest documentation versions.


Permits are securely stored and managed within OnBase. Automated tracking and notifications ensure key stakeholders are notified of permit status, so projects keep to timelines and are not held up by missing or expired permits.

Health and Safety

OnBase reduces risk to the organisation and ensures compliance by enabling online access to crucial health and safety documents, automated notifications of policy and procedural changes, and tracking of employee reading and acceptance of documents.

Records Management

Documents are encrypted for secure storage and can be scheduled for expiry and automatic destruction as required.

Mobile Offline Access

Workers in the field can access content and upload documents, forms or images when offline. These are automatically synced once networks are available, ensuring information accuracy and consistency.

Shared Access

Set up web portals for internal and external users to access your data at the level they require, from any application or location.

OnBase is a customisable ECM solution for the construction industry, facilitating the smooth running of projects and empowering informed decision-making.

Discover the OnBase difference.