Confidential Information Discovery

Reduce security risk and improve compliance by detecting and monitoring confidential information across the organization

Hyland's confidential information discovery solution helps proactively monitor for and remove confidential information from unauthorized locations across your organization, reducing security risk and improving compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.

  • Identify sensitive information in unauthorized locations so that it can be moved or secured
  • Monitor any number of systems, sites, applications, repositories and devices
  • Detect keywords, phrases and character patterns in files, attachments and metadata
  • Inspect and preview hundreds of file formats

Empower your security, risk and compliance professionals

The confidential information discovery solution enables your staff with automated monitoring for sensitive data across the organization from a single, intuitive user interface.

  • Set up automated search queries and receive alerts when new violations are detected
  • Configure rules for multiple departments and different compliance requirements
  • Leverage discovery data to review and improve policies and procedures
  • Utilize reporting and analytics to assist with audits and eDiscovery

Improve internal security and compliance awareness

The confidential information discovery solution exposes risky user behavior and enables your security and compliance staff to follow up.

  • Follow up with non-compliant users to prevent repeat offenses
  • Use incident data to generate awareness and improve policy adherence among employees

Generate awareness and improve policy compliance

The confidential information discovery solution helps detect when sensitive information shows up in unauthorized places. The ability to detect and follow up on risky behavior helps generate awareness and improve policy adherence among employees. Helping staff to become more security-aware in turn helps an organization become more secure and compliant.

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