Meditech integration

Hyland enriches your EHR investment by capturing, classifying and integrating images and unstructured patient records for clinician access within the Meditech workflow.

Key features

Hyland is integrated with Meditech Magic, Client Server, NPR, CDS, ODA, PCI and more to support clinician insight for care decisions.


Capture medical records for use within Meditech workflow

Incorporate patient records from monitoring devices, DICOM and non-DICOM repositories, other EHR systems, web forms and more for use within Meditech.

Access patient records stored in ancillary systems

Proven integration with 80+ clinical ancillary systems eliminates printing, scanning and indexing to speed access for care decisions within Meditech.

Automate document classification and extraction enterprise-wide

Accurately classify and index patient records, invoices and other documents — 88% faster than a human can, for access within Meditech and core systems.

Automate workflows that feed into Meditech

Capture content, automate processes and manage cases that may extend beyond the walls of the health system using low code, drag and drop technology.

Reduce costs and enable staff workflow needs with platform technology

Cost-effectively store, process and enable workflow for users working within Meditech, ERP, HRIS, CRM and other core systems.

Ensure compliant use of records

Audit use of patient records stored outside Meditech and provide for compliant retention with Hyland’s proven technology.

Empower your people to deliver their best with Hyland

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