Corelation Keystone integration

Enable credit unions to bring the highest level of performance and support members with content and process automation solutions. 

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Amplify the power of your core credit union system 
Attract and grow your membership

Compete more effectively in today’s rapidly changing environment with a strong digital platform.

Elevate member experience

Extend your core in critical ways to surface the right data to make the best decisions and provide outstanding service. 

Work smart with content services

Discover how the integration brings efficient digital workflow processes and easy access to content from any device. 

Key features


Centralize all content 

Access a full range of enterprise-class, secure document management capabilities on a single platform, seamlessly integrated with your core system. 

Automate tasks and improve processes 

Quickly and easily extend existing processes and create new ones like loan application review, tracking fraud investigations and records management. 

Consolidate disconnected data 

Bring together any scattered data, tasks and activities living outside your core system into a single location where they are connected and tracked. 

Reporting automation 

Take data from your core and turn it into fully indexed and widely accessible reports and documents that are viewable in an instant by any authorized user. 

Account management 

Recreate paper-based forms into electronic forms accessed through your intranet, website and banking platforms for a quicker and more accurate process.

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