Accela integration

Provide instant, secure access to drawings and documents for developers, engineers, inspectors, project managers and more.

Empower better collaboration and land management processes
Faster project completion

Connect all the information your teams need to perform quickly and improve constituent satisfaction.

Improved transparency

Ensure 100% project visibility and monitor progress with intuitive reports.

Enhanced document control

Securely support all critical content at every stage of the project life cycle.

Key features


Instant access to information 

Access documents at any time, from anywhere — including from Accela screens and the Accela Field Inspection tool.

Electronic plan review

Allow plan examiners to review, comment on and mark up drawings at the same time, and auto-generate adjudication letters and marked plan sets.

Greater return on investment

Maximize the value of your existing IT investment while improving your agency’s ability to adapt and scale into the future.

Increased security

Automatically track every document detail — from who accessed it and when, to how long you need to retain it — for ensured information accuracy.

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