AP Automation for Deltek Costpoint

End-to-end invoice management software

Accelerate invoice processing with IAConnect

Hyland's AP automation solution, IAConnect, offers Deltek Costpoint users a web-based automation tool for project-focused organizations. Leveraging intelligent capture and workflow automation, Hyland helps AP organizations reduce manual work effort and improve process controls for faster, more accurate invoice processing.

  • Automatically capture invoices via multiple formats including paper, fax, email and EDI. OCR technology is also available to read data directly from invoices.
  • Workflows automatically route invoices for issue resolution, review and approval, notifying key stakeholders along the way.
  • Quickly retrieve invoices, goods receipts, packing slips, check images, vendor contracts and even historical correspondence directly from the Costpoint screen.

Increase visibility across AP processes

Hyland’s integration with Costpoint provides unprecedented visibility and reporting capabilities across your AP processes. By centralizing access to relevant documents and data, staff are equipped to make faster and smarter operational and financial decisions.

  • Real-time dashboards provide managers with insight into the current status of invoice processing, enabling them to identify bottlenecks and adjust workload distribution.
  • Capture and store all documentation in one system, allowing staff to surface the content they need directly from the Costpoint interface.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail for each invoice, capturing users’ actions and status changes. All audit history can easily be viewed at any time.

Scale automation across functions

The Hyland integration for Deltek Costpoint provides a secure, central document repository to store information and automate processing throughout your organization. The integration also features approval processing and routing functionality to automate reviews, approvals and tracking for:

  • Purchase requisitions: Includes electronic forms for entry of key requisition details prior to routing for approval processing.
  • Vendor management and portals: Gather billing information electronically and provide vendors and subcontractors with self-service access to information.

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