Texas Association of School Boards

The Challenge

Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) already used OnBase as its enterprise information management platform, but needed a secure way to share documents with members and other TASB entities. Sharing documents using its previous solution Box was a cumbersome, multiple-step process. Users had to download documents onto their computer, re-upload the document to Box, then send a link and monitor it. Several cloud sharing hosts were used to share information with different users which was not only inefficient but posed a major security risk. TASB also needed to extend OnBase workflows with content sharing capabilities, send large content packages digitally and control who had access to shared content.

The Solution

TASB integrated its existing OnBase solution with ShareBase to enable secure cloud-based content sharing between internal and external users across the organization. With ShareBase, TASB has significantly increased the efficiency of sharing process-centric information with greater security and easier accessibility.