Fulton County Health Center

The Challenge

Fulton County Health Center relied on burdensome paper-based correspondence to share critical information with parties outside of their organization. Printing, faxing and mailing were common—time-consuming and expensive—methods used. A secure digital solution was called for, but the solution needed to meet the strict security requirements.

The Solution

With ShareBase, Fulton County Health Center can now securely send digital files to external recipients. The solution sends a secure email that provides a recipient with instant access to authorized content. No account or password needs to be created for the receiving party to access critical information. A ShareBase email can even be programmed to automatically generate a file access code for the recipient. Not only does this feature provide an added layer of security, it aids in data tracking, as each email is time stamped and creates an audit history. the ShareBase solution has helped eliminate many of the costs associated with printing and mailing paper documents, and the usability of ShareBase has made an immediate impact on both hospital staff and external organizations and individuals.

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