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American Institutes for Research

How a research company leveraged imaging services and gained operational efficiencies.

With vast amounts of data, many organizations struggle with the processing and storage of records that come in many physical formats. Managing this through an internal document imaging operations team is not only inefficient, but it also leads to higher costs as operations are disrupted with unnecessary mistakes.

By leveraging external document imaging services, your organization can shift its focus on strategic projects and drive growth.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how American Institutes for Research (AIR) transitioned to imaging services with Hyland-improved accounts payable processes and efficiencies when the organization adopted remote work. Key insights include:

  • How to advance your organization’s imaging needs with confidence
  • Future-proofing your operations for periods of uncertainty
  • Optimizing your technology investments to spur growth

You’ll also learn how going paperless — and having easy access to your documents when and where you need them — can be instrumental in your organization’s digital journey. Learn more today!