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What’s next in retail banking? Celent analyst provides insights

Discover how firms are utilizing content to expand relationships and the initiatives that can help them stand out.

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Customers expect fast and efficient digital channels to conduct financial transactions. For traditional banks, the rise of tech-savvy fintech providers has made the landscape even more challenging.

In this video, Celent Senior Analyst Michael Bernard shares expert insights on the “intense” competition banks are facing.

“Banks of all sizes are finding a tougher time trying to keep their existing customer base,” Bernard said. “Smaller banks especially are challenged in meeting the digital expectations that the larger banks and fintech providers are setting.”

Bernard also discusses:

  • The impact that legacy systems have on the ability to provide quality customer experiences
  • How content is being utilized to expand customer relationships
  • The importance of cloud-based technologies
  • Why it’s crucial for banks to be unique

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