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AP Automation for Workday integration

View Hyland’s AP Automation for Workday solution demo here. Learn how this integration provides capture and data validation for invoices.

In this product demo, see Hyland’s AP Automation for Workday solution, follow along and see how a captured invoice with data that won’t validate against the Workday record is resolved and posted back to Workday for payment.

Check out:

  • Intelligent capture of invoice data using Brainware, plus data validation against the Workday record
  • Exception management for invoice capture, with live look-ups to Workday, properly resolving the exception
  • Access to the invoice document from the Workday invoice screen via hyperlink

See how OnBase’s document viewer provides the ability to add notes, change metadata, mark up the document and more.

Video transcription

A fully integrated AP solution, AP Automation for Workday provides capture and data validation for invoices. Integrated with the Workday system to instantly affirm values and expand information on invoice documents. OnBase then manages exceptions and cleans the data, automatically sending completed invoices back to the Workday process. The integration provides a link that is displayed on the Workday Financial Management invoice screens, for users to easily access documents with a click.

Intelligent capture — Brainware

In this example, Brainware is used to intelligently capture information from the invoice document. It can capture complex information, like line item detail, dollar amounts, and validate the captured data against the Workday invoice record. It can even expand the metadata to include information that’s not available in the invoice itself but is already entered in Workday.

Managing exceptions in OnBase

If the invoice passes the validation step, it can be posted directly back to Workday without any user interaction. But sometimes, issues arise and OnBase can manage the issue prior to transitioning the invoice back into the Workday process. In this demonstration we see that a data error prevented the invoice from posting to Workday. The Accounts Payable user can make the necessary updates so the invoice can move forward. Here we can see a live lookup to Workday and they can choose the correct supplier for this invoice record. Now that it’s correct, the invoice is successfully posted to Workday.

Viewing the invoice document from Workday

The user in Workday can easily select the document link to review the document, add notes, change keywords, and more without leaving Workday financial management.