December 20, 2022

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Hyland’s 2022 Q3 updates serve up a better employee experience

Enhance experiences with UI improvements and maximize productivity.

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Are you happy with your position?

Need a boost to finish the final leg of 2022 strong? Or are you looking to capitalize on a successful year and continue your pace?

The latest releases from Hyland aim to help you achieve your goals and more by empowering your organization to:

  • Enhance the employee experience with UI improvements
  • More easily deliver effective business solutions with expanded low-code application development tools
  • Maximize workforce productivity with enhanced task automation tools

Heading into the final quarter of 2022 we want to share a quick look at some of the new features and enhancements released this quarter.

OnBase Foundation 22.1

In the latest release of OnBase, platform enhancements significantly improve the experience for the solution administrator with a new administration portal to streamline access to configuration for cloud and on-premises solutions. Additional UI enhancements — including a dark mode option — also greatly improve usability within the application for end users.

This release also provides new tools and expanded features for the low-code solution builder. This includes enhancements to forms and workflow process automation, as well as more responsive mobile application experiences on tablets.

Finally, improvements to Hyland’s AP Automation for SAP solution support EMEA-specific tax and GL coding needs, enabling global organizations to reduce regulatory risk and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Hyland RPA 22.2

This recent release of the Hyland RPA suite enables organizations to quickly achieve operational goals with improved reporting. It also maximizes workforce productivity with enhanced task automation and integrates more systems in less time with a new smart API.

The Hyland Integration for etherFAX and the Hyland Integration for Consensus Cloud

These new Hyland Healthcare integrations eliminate lost time managing data transfer through telephone lines with a cloud fax system configured with OnBase. This equips your organization with a secure, cost effective and compliant solution that protects health information and shortens business processing cycles — all while providing high availability and disaster recovery.

Gear up for the Final Leg of 2022 with Hyland

Whether you are looking to finish the year strong or start preparing for next year’s plan, you need a partner you can trust. At Hyland, we aim to make sure our releases not only add new functionality, but also respond directly to your needs and your customers’. That’s why we constantly work to improve user, administrator and builder experiences — ensuring you have a solution that evolves with you in the long run.

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