April 05, 2022

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Hyland’s 2022 Q1 updates accelerate efficiencies

Put your foot down on the acceleration pedal.

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To hold up our end of the bargain, we wanted to ensure we got off the line quickly with new releases and product enhancements designed to accelerate improved performance at your organization.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the details of this quarter’s Hyland product updates and releases.

These latest releases across Hyland’s content services offerings deliver improved user experiences and platform scalability, enhanced intelligent automation capabilities and a new solution to enhance clinician decision-making and patient care.

Alfresco Platform Updates

Releases this quarter include updates and enhancements to 27 core Alfresco platform products and auxiliary modules. Combined, the updates provide increased support for delivering enterprise-class, cloud-hosted business solutions by enhancing enterprise search capabilities and expanded support for complex business processes, governance tools and user experiences.

Perceptive Content Updates

The release of Perceptive Content Foundation 22.1 delivers updates to Perceptive Experience Content Apps, including functional enhancements, updated controls and configuration options and new features. Users can enjoy increased performance, scalability and security. Additionally, new improvements were made to simplify tasks and update the Capture and Indexing App to bring additional lookup options.

Hyland RPA

With the launch of Hyland RPA 22.1, customers will now have a more flexible and secure integration with third-party applications via a REST API. This release provides accelerated, higher ROI from swift, scalable automation deployment of self-healing bots with no bot idle time, while improving enterprise scalability.

Hyland Experience Capture

Hyland Experience Capture (HxC), Hyland’s cloud-native capture application, offers web-based scanning, classification and data extraction capabilities delivered through a simple and easy-to-use interface. With its newest update, HxC now offers document separation by barcode, enabling users to easily configure their own separation rules using barcodes to automatically separate scanned or digital documents at the moment of capture.

Hyland Clinician Window

A brand-new Hyland Healthcare solution, Hyland Clinician Window is a clinical viewing application that provides seamless access to unstructured patient content from OnBase, XDS repositories and medical images via NilRead. It enables clinicians to see medical images, EKGs, consult notes and other unstructured content in patient context within their electronic medical record (EMR) workflows.

This means clinicians can access patients’ complete medical records within their EMR workflows to enhance care decisions and positively impact patient outcomes.

Put your Foot Down on the Innovation Pedal

Here at Hyland, we know when you choose your solution providers, you are looking for a partner in innovation. So, with every release, we aim to provide better — and original — performance options for your organization with the aim of empowering you to take your vision to the next level. We’ll keep a steady hand on the wheel while you accelerate your digital transformation.

Learn more about these releases at Hyland.com.