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Empowering the next generation of work in government

A self-assessment guide to a digital-first workforce.

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The future of government work is already here. Employees’ demographics, their expectations from their employer and the tools they need for success are drastically different compared to the standard ways of working before COVID-19.

One thing is certain: Maintaining the decades-old status quo of paper-based, manual processes means falling behind the needs of 21st-century employees and the citizens they serve. Digital transformation and modernization are key to empowering your agency for continued success in a digital-first world.

Take a closer look into how agencies can empower the next generation of work in government. This e-book offers:

  • A self-assessment with six key questions you can ask to determine your agency’s preparedness
  • In-depth overviews of the digital tools that address any gaps in your agency’s strategy
  • Customer success stories and additional resources for making well-informed decisions