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Four high-impact ways to drive efficiency and add product value with Document Filters

Document Filters is an embeddable software that gives you more power to manage your content. Download the e-book to learn how you can drive efficiency and value.

As an independent software vendor (ISV) or original equipment manager (OEM), you’re looking for value-added solutions that will make your product shine and bolster your reputation with your users. We get it. At Hyland, our software developers create exceptional pieces of technology meant to do just that. With Document Filters, they flat-out nailed it. 

In this comprehensive e-book, we lay out exactly what Document Filters does and how ISVs and OEMs can use it to add speed, efficiency and power to a product. 

Document Filters for software developers
Ideal for software development teams looking to bypass costly DIY and open source solutions or simplify their licensing partners, Document Filters changes day-to-day work experiences without taking over the user experience. Developers benefit from features including:

  • Upgraded value proposition for your product
  • Quick implementation that doesn’t require further user training
  • Simplified licensing
  • Solution updates driven by a robust partner feedback model

Document Filters for your end users
Document Filters, a single software developer kit (SDK), embeds into your product without impacting your users’ view or functionality. Once it’s deployed — seamlessly, on 27 different platforms — your users can leverage first-class document management tools, including the ability to:

  • Interact with 550 file formats
  • Inspect and extract data from any of those file formats, including data that was previously unstructured like tracked changes, comments and embedded links
  • Manipulate and render content in high-definition with no extra components
  • “Read” data using optical character reading (OCR)

Wondering how you can drive value for your product with a trusted and proven software add-on? Download Four ways Document Filters drives efficiency and customer value today.