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Amplifying our giving impact through the Hyland Fund

The Hyland Fund in partnership with the Cleveland Foundation works with nonprofit organizations to develop careers in technology.

Making a greater impact to further our philanthropic mission

In 2022, Hyland partnered with the Cleveland Foundation to establish the Hyland Fund. This charitable fund enables us to be more intentional and impactful with our giving, while closely aligning with our Hyland values and goal of building and inspiring careers in technology globally. 

The corporate-advised Hyland Fund is a new structure for Hyland’s long-standing corporate giving efforts, and will amplify our giving impact. 

The Hyland Fund will: 

  • Leverage the deep knowledge and expertise of the world’s first community foundation, the Cleveland Foundation, to build an effective, scalable and sustainable grantmaking program for Hyland

  • Improve how we source, review and approve funding decisions by the establishment of a formal review and approval process annually 

  • Enable us to invite employees, stakeholders and the community at-large to participate in our philanthropic efforts to make a more significant impact in our communities through charitable giving

The Cleveland Foundation, the world’s first community foundation, is classified as a public charity and exists to manage funds by donors for the benefit of a specific cause. By virtue of the Hyland Fund, Hyland gains access to the foundation’s large investment pools and proven track record of more than a century of nonprofit investment management. This leads to greater growth and greater stability for us to fulfill our charitable mission. 

Nonprofit applications for the upcoming grant period

Are you a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and inspiring careers in technology? Our 2022 grant period is now open! The application will be open on Wednesday, September 7 and remain open until Friday, October 28. Applications must be received by Friday, October 28 for consideration.

This year we will be granting out money to organizations in the Northeast Ohio region. Next year, we’ll expand our grantmaking domestically throughout the entire U.S., then further our grantmaking on a global scale in the years ahead. 

If you are part of an organization that can benefit from a charitable donation, please fill out our application for our upcoming grant period.

Make a donation to the Hyland Fund

If you are interested in joining Hyland in our mission to build and inspire careers in technology, you can make a charitable donation to the Hyland Fund.  All gifts to the Hyland fund are tax deductible at the highest income tax level. More nuanced gifts such as appreciated securities or planned gifts such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts may also be accepted. Interested individuals may contact the Cleveland Foundation’s Advancement team at 877-554-5054 for a personalized consultation. 

To make a donation to the Hyland Fund, visit the Cleveland Foundation website. Gifts via check should be made out to the Cleveland Foundation with The Hyland Fund listed on the memo line and mailed to the Cleveland Foundation, PO Box #77051, Cleveland, Ohio 44194-0015.

Each gift to the Hyland Fund will make a difference by being preserved today and invested to meet our areas of greatest need tomorrow.