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Hyland for Workday Extend

Improve content management and deliver a better user experience.

Workers in departments such as accounts payable and human resources spend a lot of time in their organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) or human capital management (HCM) systems. One catch: Those systems often focus on managing records and data, not content.

As a result, ERP and HCM users leave their core applications to find documents and supporting information. Doing so disrupts workflows and leads to lost time and process inefficiencies.

Extend the value of your Workday solution

Hyland for Workday Extend provides content management capabilities directly from the user’s preferred Workday solution. The solution integrates with Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management, improving the user experience and supplying document capture, indexing and other capabilities.

How it works

Workday Extend is a platform that allows users to build, deploy and manage new business capabilities for finance and human resources. Workday Extend is built on the same platform as Workday’s applications, and apps developed with the platform are accessed from a Workday user’s home screen or dashboard.

Hyland for Workday Extend displays content from OnBase, Hyland’s content services platform, while users are in Workday.

The cloud-based solution enables users to capture, view and manage documents within OnBase through the Workday Extend user interface. The capabilities are extended within core business functions for Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management.

Key features and benefits

Consistent user experience: With Hyland for Workday Extend, workers don’t need to leave familiar systems to find information in another application or unfamiliar content repository.

Better employee experiences: Staff want easy and intuitive access to information, when and where they need it. Hyland for Workday Extend provides that and gives users tools to process information at each stage of the employee life cycle.

Cost savings: By allowing users to manage content directly within Workday applications, the solution helps reduce costs for ongoing maintenance and support. Whether it’s improving invoice processes, reducing the time needed to onboard and train employees or eliminating the need for custom application development, Hyland for Workday Extend delivers benefits across the entire organization.

Easy capture: Users need minimal clicks to capture documents in Workday. Once they do, they can quickly add metadata to support multiple retrieval options.

Improved sharing: Users can link a document to multiple Workday entities and platforms, then view it across all areas of the business.

Mobile access: Via Workday’s cloud platform, users can access documents from anywhere.

Don’t be content with limited content management

Hyland, a Workday Select Partner, offers a Workday-certified accounts payable solution that is integrated with Workday Financials. We also introduced Hyland Direct Spend Matching for Workday, which provides a complete view of direct spend to procurement organizations.

Our newest Workday integration, Hyland for Workday Extend, is ideal for organizations whose HR and ERP systems have limited content management capabilities. The solution eliminates document silos and makes information easily searchable throughout an organization.

Hyland for Workday Extend leverages the power of Hyland and Workday to manage content and streamline processes — while delivering a consistent, familiar user experience.